DSC04270 (Small)Here at Master Spec, we perform a valuable and important service for our clients, and it is very important to us that our clients are happy and satisfied with our work. That's what makes us very proud to offer these client testimonials for your review. We look forward to adding your kind comments to this page, and thank those that already have for their patronage!

We hired Scott Dalbey at MasterSpec to inspect a new home we were purchasing. He was so thorough and so professional during the inspection: we were very impressed. He took time to explain things to us in just enough detail and provided us with a very thorough report. He was extremely responsive and was available for follow up calls as we moved forward with our purchase. We most certainly would hire Scott at MasterSpec again and recommend him to anyone thinking of selling or buying a home.

Laura Huth & Patrick Rietz

We really appreciate the attention to detail you provide, the high quality and professionalism of your service and the final report, as well as your pleasant personality. MasterSpec exceeded our expectations and greatly outperformed other inspection services we have seen.

Best wishes,


Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate all the time and help you gave me today. The inspection process was thorough and educational.

Thank you,
Kristi Martin

I recently used MasterSpec to do a home inspection on a house I am purchasing and really appreciate the VERY thorough job Scott did on my inspection. He completed the inspection report at the house and got the report to me immediately. Scott’s report was easy to read and understand. I was most amazed by how thorough, friendly, and accommodating Scott was throughout this process.

Tami Kimmel


Thanks so much for your time and your attention to detail. You have provided great peace of mind.



Anita and I greatly appreciate the service you performed for us. I was impressed with the professionalism and job knowledge you demonstrated. We also appreciated your patience and understanding. I will highly recommend you as THE person to contact. Please feel free to pass these comments on to the appropriate person in your agency or share them with anyone you choose.

Thank you,
Larry Taylor


Thanks for doing such a thorough inspection. I don’t have any worries about what I’m getting into. I’ll certainly recommend you to others in the future.

T. Heimbaugh

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and I just want you to know that your thoroughness and professionalism were most appreciated. It meant a lot to be able to trust you and your company working on my behalf.

Gina Moton


Thank you for a superb, comprehensive, informative, and thorough inspection. You have a wonderful attitude – both friendly and sincere. Your service was worth so much more than your inspection fee. Above and beyond the call of duty!

Most sincerely,
Patti and Dale Anderson


There were sufficient defects from the inspection that we declined to purchase that home. I have recommended you to “……. Mortgage and Loan” as the only place to go for home inspections in the Champaign/Urbana area. I have never been so impressed.

Terry Naddy

I really do appreciate all the extra time you were willing to give to help me understand my new home. Coming from my home of 30 years, in the woods, this is a huge change.

Thank you,
Carol Goulder

Dear Scott,

Thank you very much for your very thorough inspection. We feel confident in the house now!

Take care and best regards,
Mohammad and Suzanne

Thanks so much Scott! It was great meeting you yesterday. Thanks for doing such a thorough job and for being so helpful.

Jeff & Jessica

Thank you very much! We truly appreciate the attention to detail that you provide. It’s very comforting to know that our new home was inspected with such quality!

Thanks again,
William Bell


It was a pleasure to meet you and we were very happy with the thoroughness of the inspection, as well as the time you took to explain things to us as you were performing the inspection. It was very educational!

Thank you for everything!
Anne Johnson

Thanks for your help! I was surprised at all the time you took and the attention to detail. I will recommend your services,

Thanks again,

Thank you again for your assistance this afternoon. We really appreciate your helpful and informative inspection. Fortunately for us nothing was discovered which would cause us second thoughts in purchasing the house, nevertheless much of what you brought to our attentions helped us to better understand the structure and functioning of this house, and houses in general.

Thanks again!
D.S. and B.C.

Thanks so much for the inspection. We are both very grateful for your thorough and clear explanations of the intricacies of U.S. building practices!

With all good wishes,
J and C

I really appreciate the quickness in your response. I value the professionalism you've shown over the trouble I've had and I will do my part to remember to recommend you to anyone I know who's in need of your service.

Thanks again,

We think you did a wonderful job in your inspection, and we would highly recommend you to others! Please feel free to use our name as references should you ever need to, and thank you again for your service and level of professionalism.

Judy K.


Thank you kindly for a job well done. You have a great sense of humor and put my friends mother-in-law to shame. She went through the house with a fine-tooth comb and white gloves and you did her one better! LOL!

Theresa C.

I appreciate your thorough & professional approach, and your willingness to answer my questions. That really made it a valuable process, and will definitely provide me with the information I need to safely proceed on this property.

Thanks again,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer in detail my concerns. I appreciate your expertise and I feel much more reassured.


Thanks a lot Scott. (we) really appreciate it, and everything else you have done to insure we are getting what we paid for. We have nothing but great things to say about you and the business you run. We would highly recommend you to anyone.

K & B

Thanks for your very professional inspection. I missed a lot of things you found!


We appreciate your professional and personal approach in supplying us with a thorough inspection.


We were impressed with your thoroughness and thank you for your time in providing this service for us.

T.T. & J.F.

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