We offer the following types of inspections: Existing Homes, Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, New Homes – during and/or after construction, Mechanical Systems Only, Partial – you decide what you want us to inspect, or Preventive Maintenance.

Existing Homes/Condominiums/Apartment Building Inspections

A thorough home inspection will take us between 2-3 hours to complete for the “average” sized home. Multi-unit apartment buildings take longer to complete.

We strongly encourage you to attend your inspection so that we can answer any questions you may have while we are on site. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will research it and find the answer for you!

We check:

Roof System Heating / Cooling Systems
Gutters Plumbing Systems
Ground Drainage Basement
Exterior Crawlspace Slab
Garage Kitchen & Bathrooms
Water Heater Laundry Connections
Electrical System Interior Rooms / Attic


We use a digital camera to capture photographs of “hard to access” areas where defects may be found during an inspection. Pictures can be viewed on site at the time of the inspection, and they will be e-mailed to you the same day of the inspection.

New Home Construction Monitoring Inspections

If you are having your dream home built for you, we can help make sure your home is built properly by performing a 2-tiered New Home construction monitoring inspection.

This type of inspection includes:

  1. Pre-drywall inspection – a complete inspection is performed on the foundation, framing systems, and mechanical ‘rough-in’ installations. A brief written report will be furnished to document this inspection. Digital photos will be taken while on site, and copies of the photos will be e-mailed to you - or printed & mailed for an additional fee.
  2. Final inspection – completed a few days in advance of your builders “final walk-through” inspection to allow them time to correct any items found to be in need of attention/repairs/adjustments. This is a full, whole-house inspection, and a full written report will be furnished at the conclusion of this inspection as well.(Additional site visits can be arranged for an additional fee.)

Mechanical Systems Only

Perhaps you are purchasing a “fixer upper” type house but want to know the conditions of the expensive items in the house – furnace, A/C system, electrical system, plumbing systems, etc. We can give you detailed information on each of these systems, all at a reduced price!

DSC04313 (Small)Partial Inspections

Sometimes you may desire to have only one or two systems inspected on a house…and that’s fine with us! We can “tailor fit” your inspection so that it includes only the items / systems you may desire to know more about. Just let us know how we can serve your needs!

Preventive Maintenance Inspections Are you a busy person, not having much time to devote to the upkeep of your home? Perhaps you don’t know what to look for even if you do have the time! Master Spec is here to assist you in finding out what areas, if any, of your home are in need of attention or repairs. We can compile all the information that you need or desire, and help you put together a timeframe to work within. All of this is included in an easy to read inspection format. When you are done with the repairs, keep the list as a record of your repairs. Should you desire to sell your home in the future, you will have a wealth of information at your finger tips!

Radon Inspections & Testing

Please see our Radon Testing page for more information.